About me


Hey there!


I’m August, a master student in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology group in the School of Biosciences at the University of Melbourne. My research is about the use of model-averaging to improve Species distribution models. Particularly, I am interested in whether or not model-averaging is always better than using a single model and how models may be improved.

Somewhat inspired by the great and genius, Richard Feynman, I believe mathematics to be a way to probe and appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of nature; and that’s what Species distribution model does! My particular interest in modelling nature comes from a desire to understand, and to marvel at the complex beauty of nature and her laws. I’m a flâneur of thoughts, often aimlessly pondering on abstract and theoretical questions (perhaps learnt from another of my major influences, Friedrich Nietzsche). Unravelling the mysteries of nature, to me, offers a sense of purpose and gravity to our own existence.

In my spare time when I’m not being overly philosophical, I enjoy painting and learning about random trivia. I’m learning French and I’m really keen to visit Francophone Africa.

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